San Pedro Volcano, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


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Being a mega diverse country, Guatemala can offer an incredible adventure and be as enticing as it can be complex to navigate. Allow us to share our knowledge and make your next adventure unforgettable.

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We have been creating tailored trips to Guatemala for more than 30 years and helped out thousands of travelers. Let us help you get your next adventure ready to enjoy the magic that Guatemala has to offer.We focus on offering you a complete and personalized package that helps develop sustainable tourism in rural areas. Talk with us and we will make sure to meet and exceed your expectations, we are eager for you to discover our wildlife and have unforgettable adventures.

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Guatemala has the strongest pre-Columbian traditions mixed with being one of the most diverse countries in the world. Let Guatemala surprise you at every turn with our wonderful colors, people, nature and traditions; from popular market places like Chichicastenango, to the less visited communities in the remote Cuchumatan Mountains. Where will your next adventure take you?







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